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Monday, May 31, 2010

I love this kid!

Russell from the Pixar Movie, UP!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I can't believe that I actually made secretary for the Red Cross Club at my school. I was pretty surprised because I never thought that I would be chosen. As soon as I entered the room I had to pay the $1o.oo fee for the "banquet". It wasn't even a banquet unless you consider a 14X14 room with one floating pineapple, a powerpoint that showed a movie, 3 bags of chips, and a homemade velvet cake a banquet. To enhance the luau theme there was a floating pineapple out of the middle of nowhere. When I paid the president the $10.00 she asked me my name. I thought to myself, "Oh yeah. I totally made secretary because the president doesn't even know who I am.". After the movie they started announcing the new officers and I guess I was one of them. It's funny because after the banquet/ceremony was over the president said, "You ran for secretary right?...". One word: FAIL 

I'll just post up my acceptance speech (there never was one): "Thank you so much officers for giving me this opportunity to serve the Red Cross Club as the 2010-2011 secretary. I promise to try my best and make next year one of the most memorable moments. My goal is to really make the club bond together as a team so we can advocate emergency preparedness and the goal of helping our community. I hope that our club members and return next year once again because together we can achieve more!" 

It's a little corny:) 
Current mood: flabbergasted

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trying to be Nice

I went to this wedding today at the City of Industry at the Pacific Palms Hotel. Overall it was really fun. I attempted to take pictures but the lighting in the banquet room was very poor and dim. I don't know who did the seating charts but I was put in a table with children ages 10 and under. I was the oldest and felt like a amateur babysitter. It wasn't that bad because I rather hang out with younger kids than older kids who talk about college, work, and all of that boring stuff I am not really interested in. A girl the same age as me was put at the "older kids" table. At first I thought "What the heck?!?!?", but later I realized I preferred the "younger kids" table. It was hilarious. This 10-year old boy kept on asking the waiter to light the candles that were on the table. He kept on blowing them out just to see the smoke disappear in the air. There was a total of seven people at our table and we ordered about 17 (not exaggerating) Sprites/Cokes, by accident. This 11-year old boy drank 3 Coke cups and called me "unhealthy". Our table was the loudest and most raucous. I knew that the seniors next to us were regretting to ever stay for the banquet because we were CRAZY. I wouldn't be surprised if the waiters spat in our drinks or twirled their fingers in it. There was a girl sitting two chairs from me and she was the only one that was actually quiet. I asked her a lot of questions to get her talking but she was still her timid self. "How old are you? Do you play the piano? Do you have any siblings?", I asked (I almost sounded like a stalker). I was just trying to be nice but I have never seen someone so shy. So throughout the whole wedding these kids were playing their D.S lites, getting drunk on soft drinks, yelling at the waiters, and walking around the banquet room, while I was trying the get the shyest girl in the world to talk. I was just trying to be nice. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hitting Those Pinatas

So I told my brother (only 8 years old) about all the things that were coming up. Now since its "half" over I can actually blog and tell you about all those "pinatas". I told my brother that I had: AP testing, SAT II, Advanced Orchestra 3 testing, Algebra 2 Honors testing, Science Bowl testing (I'm such a geek), Red Cross Banquet (I tried out for officer:D but don't know the results yet), and...have to bring up my grade by at least 1% for English Honors to get a solid A. I spent about 10 min. complaining and explaining to him. I became all fired up because I was so stressed. He responded by calmly saying, "Man, you have a lot of pinatas to hit..." What is that even suppose to mean? You tell me.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Woman at window.

by me. painted with oil paint. from Monet. 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just Some Paintings I Did:)

just some pictures I painted in art class:) I painted them from life photos with oil paint. feel free to comment on them! 
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